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Is TIm Burton a Time traveler?

I went to a gallery opening for a friend's photography exhibit on Friday night. http://www.phoenixvillageartcenter.org/gallery.html (Les Berkley photos). Photos were great and displayed more variety than is shown on the website. He had a series shot in historic (colonial, mostly) houses that were so luminous they could have been studies for Vermeer.

Saturday I visited the Wharton Esherick Museum with another friend, and I was enchanted with everything there. http://www.whartonesherickmuseum.org/tour.html

It is one of the few examples of German Expressionist Architecture in the United States. The angle they have photographed it from makes it look far more normal than it really is. When you stand back and see all the buildings together it looks like a German fairytale hamlet that has been twisted and warped by a mind like Tim Burton's. One could almost believe Tim Burton went back in time and showed a few of his movies to Wharton before he started building in the 20's.

Reed Houses

I saw an interesting program on public television about attempts to restore the Mesopotamian marshlands of Iraq. In the program they showed amazing traditional reed houses, sometimes built on floating islands. They kind of reminded me of those timber houses that make you feel you are in an upside-down boat, but in this case, the boat would be Kon-Tiki.

Here is a link for an article with good pics, or search on the term "mudhif".