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Previously unknown genre of art

I thought I had posted this before (as a reminder to myself) but I couldn't find it. SO I'm posting now and will tag it correctly so next time I want to find it I can get to it quickly.

Discovered a previously unknown genre of art. It occured in the 20's and 30's. Japanese Ukiyo-e techniques applied by Japanese artist with western training. Sort of like Ukiyo-e meets Ansel Adams and the impressionists of the American West. Probably considered derivative, but it speaks to my soul, so nyah!

Hiroshi and Toshi Yoshida. Google it!

Fun with Fabrics

For my new quilts:

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Wet in wet painted fabric gradient using Dynaflow and Setacolor paints.

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Faux tie-dye using Dynaflow and Setacolor on top of genuine tie dye. Using a technique similar to this: http://craftsbyamanda.com/2011/07/fabric-painted-tie-dye-shirts.html
but just crumpling the wet fabric instead of twisting it.

What I learned:

Some colors will dry more evenly than others, perhaps depending on concetration of the solution. I think less concentrated colors take longer to dry, leaving time for greater chromatographic migration to wrinkled or uneven spot in the fabric.

Crumple tie-dye:
Takes much longer to dry in the winter, so multiple layers of color is more time consuming.

Color migrates to the top of wrinkles as they dry, so if you don't want that effect, flatten the fabric out before it occurs and it will dry more evenly. (this is one of the major differences from actual tie-dye)

Even though you wet the fabric, the color stays more on one side of the fabric, so the painted side will have greater contrast and the back side will be more muted.

Another Quilt Design

Photoshop rough design for a snow/skyscape quilt recalling the sky a few days after the huge snowfall between Christmas and New Year's last year.

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This is a composite image of several photos layered together to suggest the sky as I remember it. Foreground will be a bit different from what is shown here.

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Selection of commercial fabrics and fabrics I dyed for this quilt. Bottom row will be for the the snow.

I saw some quilts on the internet that used a semi-impressionistic technique that kind of makes it look like you are looking at the sky through a crystal. I'm going to try to use that technique for this quilt. I saved their pics for inspiration, but I can't find anything I can can link to here that displays that style.

This quilt will be completed for the Phoenix Village Art Center December Craft show, God willing and the river don't rise!

New Quilt Design

Designed this week and fabrics mostly purchased. Border fabric and dress fabric are to-scale scans of the fabric I will use.

This is a fairly rough design at this point. I expect the scale of the willow leaves will change. I have to paint background fabric with a gradient for the sky and I think I will marbelize some fabrics for the pillars and floor. I hope to have this done in time for December's show at the Phoenix Village Art Center: http://phoenixvillageartcenter.org/gallery.html#future

Is TIm Burton a Time traveler?

I went to a gallery opening for a friend's photography exhibit on Friday night. http://www.phoenixvillageartcenter.org/gallery.html (Les Berkley photos). Photos were great and displayed more variety than is shown on the website. He had a series shot in historic (colonial, mostly) houses that were so luminous they could have been studies for Vermeer.

Saturday I visited the Wharton Esherick Museum with another friend, and I was enchanted with everything there. http://www.whartonesherickmuseum.org/tour.html

It is one of the few examples of German Expressionist Architecture in the United States. The angle they have photographed it from makes it look far more normal than it really is. When you stand back and see all the buildings together it looks like a German fairytale hamlet that has been twisted and warped by a mind like Tim Burton's. One could almost believe Tim Burton went back in time and showed a few of his movies to Wharton before he started building in the 20's.