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"Moist Chocolate Genoise" from the Cake Bible, wherein all the fat comes from chocolate and eggs, no butter used. Filled with raspberry-lime French meringue buttercream. Frosted with semi-sweet ganache.

I was really rushing this year and I must have made some mistake because the genoise came out a little more dense than it was supposed to be, but the flavor was still excellent. I've been using this flavor combo for 4 or 5 years now because I think the flavor balance is perfect. While it is a rich cake, it is rich with chocalate and really is just barely sweet. And that includes the filling and frosting, they are just barely as sweet as needed, so you really taste the chocolate, butter and raspberry. the line acts as a supporting note, to intensify the zing of the raspberry without registering strongly on it's own.

The falling snowflakes on the side are based on and embroidery stitch my sewing machine does. The big snowflake on the top came out a bit overworked. Restraint counts for a lot in cake decorating!