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My room-mates father has been ill for a while and is now in assisted living or long-term care, so we adopted his 3 cats. They mostly get along with our original cat, though there has been some growling and spitting in the hour that precedes feeding time. All but one of them are BIG cats. I am guessing that all four of them add up to about 55 lbs of cat. (oi!)

While prepping dinner tonight, I got the crock-pot out from the hall closet, where it resides behind the "great pile of everything" (TM). In doing so I knocked over the big (25 lb?) bag of cat food which had been on top of the "great pile of everything" (TM). Later on I realized that it was an OPEN bag of crunchy food, so I spent the rest of the evening cursing my roommate's lack of common sense. After cleaning up the dinner dishes I went to deal with the spilled cat food and dump the crunchies into the 5 gallon airtight tub we use for them. At that point I discovered that neither of my roommates had opened the bag, but that some felonious feline had chewed a hole in the side of the bag big enough to put his head through!

I suspect it was the fat one, but the skinny one had also spent a suspicious amount of time lingering in the vicinity of the hall closet. I probably owe my roommates an apology for thinking ill thoughts, but since I kept those thoughts to myself I'll just apologize under my breath, also. After all, I'm cleaning the litter boxes so I'm allowed to be cranky!!! (55 lbs of cat... you do the math!)

Wild Animal Juggling.. Sort of

I've been watching my brother's dog this week while they are vacationing in the Keys. She's a sweet Brittany Spaniel, but she has a lot of energy and is a little OCD and kind of has separation anxiety. (although if you ask me it looks a lot more like separation temper tantrum). I almost broke my neck tumbling down a flight of steps after tripping on her kong. CONSUMER ALERT: if you have a dark carpet, don't buy black dog toys, they blend into the shadows!

I was watching the dog at my brother's house until after dance rehearsal on Tuesday, and then I brought her down to Mom's house at the shore so I could help Mom put away the Christmas decorations. Now that she is not at home, the dog is even more fidgety, anxious and whiny.

We were worried about what my Mom's feral cat would do, but so far we have managed to avoid them meeting. The cat wants to spend all day outside unless it's bitter cold. Mom has been feeding the cat first thing in the morning and then the cat gos out, then the dog is let out of her crate in the spare bedroom and she spends most of the day scampering up and down the steps to make sure the upstairs is still there. (I said the was OCD) Then at dinner time, the dog and I go in the spare bedroom and check my e-mail while the cat comes in to eat dinner. (so far, she avoids me as much as possible) Then the cat goes back outside until bedtime. The dog and I check my e-mail again in the spare room and the cat goes to bed with Mom. Then I leave the dog in her crate overnight (she chews up random non-food items if she's not supervised) and open Mom's bedroom door so the cat can access the litter box if she needs it. So far it's working much better than I expected. If the dog and cat see each other outside, they just look at each other from a respectful distance, but the cat won't come in the house if she can see me or the dog.