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Thrift Score

I found a beautiful shirt in the thrift store. Perhaps too bold for most, but I adore exotic textiles so it's perfect for me:

Edit ikat shirt

It's actually a printed cotton version of a traditional Central Asian textile called "Ikat" which is made by tie-dying the threads before they are woven.

Links to traditional Uzbek Ikats:



Cloven Hooves and Gigolo Shoes

I have a pair of shoes I call the "gigolo shoes". I use them for dress up dance occasions like weddings and dance parties. I call them that because they kind of have pointy toes, and as a "confirmed bachelor" who does folk, ballroom and vintage dance I get invited to weddings and parties of people I barely know. I do my duty and make sure all the unpartnered ladies get a chance to dance, so anytime peopled are worried there won't be enough men, I'm on the short list. The gigolo shoes been showing signs of wear so I've been haunting the thrift stores looking for their replacements. I hate to pay full price for shoes because since I injured my ankle a couple years ago, I find about half the shoes I get torque my ankle but I can't tell until I've worn them for a couple days.

I stopped by Goodwill today on a quest for shoes, and instead of dress/ballroom shoes, I found a pair of Capezio split sole dance sneakers in exactly my size. Some of my friends call them "cloven hooves" because they are kind of clunky, have a distinct front tread and distinct back tread with a much thinner, unsoled arch segment. It might also have something to do with the fact that they are extremely popular with the contra dance girls, and they are really way too clunky to wear with a skirt, but comfortable enough that many have succumbed to their temptation anyway. They look fine with pants. I still need to check if they look too geeky to wear with shorts.

Frye boots

Scored some great Frye boots at the thrift store for 6 bucks. Didn't even know they actually made my size (Frye tends to run fairly narrow).

I'm going to waterproof them with mink oil and use them for SCA field boots. I might cut them down a little and change the shape of the top to make them look more Persian.