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In my heart, a troika, or what a lovely drive it was today!

Had a lovely drive home from Mum's house to my brother's, today. When I started out there was so much snow that the only color was the sky and lines of pine trees. In my heart, I imagined the SUV was a troika being pulled by silent, invisible horses, through some Russian fairy tale.

And the sky! I've never seen such a sky. I guess it was the variations in temperature that condensed a mist out of the air, but it looked like nothing I've ever seen. The sky was like some glowing dome of nacre, but colored wedgwood and turquoise and aqua. And then a veil of swirling, mackerel clouds; white, gold, and palest blush in the west and silver, smoke and brooding lavender in the east. The sun was not visible, but somehow managed to cast a shimmering reflection across the clouds like moonlight on water, if the moon were golden instead of silver. And between me and the sky and landscape, some strange, pearly, shimmering, misty fog hovered in fringes and layers, intermittently obscuring and revealing while at the same time transmuting the world into a fairytale, opal snow-globe.

I turned off my brain and just absorbed the colors. Now that I think of it, my guess is fog down low and a mist of ice crystals up in the sky.

They never told me THAT about black ice

Or maybe I just wasn't listening that day...

We all know about the dangers of encountering black ice while driving, but it's also dangerous to pedestrians. Went from sitting in the SUV to prone on my stomach in the parking lot without any intervening time or space. I don't think I hurt anything other than my dignity, but I won't know for sure until I get out of bed tomorrow!

Random Musings

1. Had to drive Mom up to PA for her brother's funeral. They weren't real close, but he was her last remaining immediate family. She seems to be doing OK. Somehow, even though I knew my Dad was a WWII vet, I had kind of not really considered that meant all my other relatives of his generation were also that old. It was interesting listening to the old folks reminisce about gas rationing and rumble seats. Sounded like the old neighborhood crew could have given the "Little Rascals" a run for their money. It was also amazing to me (as a kid who grew up in 4 states and 6 neighborhoods) that many of those folks are not related, but have known each other for 70 years, having lived in relative proximity for the majority of that time.

2. Had a long talk with Mom about family relationships and things like that. We are usually so caught up in in the minutia of the everyday that we don't get to chat like that.

3. Saw a pickup truck lose it's spare tire, which went rolling away down the road at 60 mph, crossed the median, went into the (fortunately empty) lane for oncoming traffic, crossed back into the median and seemed to roll endlessly. I estimate it traveled about 1/4 mile before it finally came to rest. Fairly frightening example of things doing the unexpected.

4. Drove the grandpuppy (my brother's great dane mix) down to Mom's for dogsitting while my brother goes to Myrtle Beach. We got stuck in traffic for about an hour while 2 firetrucks, 4 ambulances, 2 helicopters, and 5 paramedic vehicles went by with sirens wailing. After about a half hour of all this racket the dog finally realized we were stopped in traffic and there were cars with DANGEROUS STRANGERS in them that need a severe barking and growling at. A half hour after we stopped she notices? REALLY? What an observant watch dog she would make!